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Dominique Starr


Birth Place: Coral Springs, Florida
Occupation: Student
Nationality: Italian/Mexican
Height: 5’7
Weight: 145
Measurements: 38-29-41
Favorite Movie/Actor: Boondock Saints is one of my all time favorite movies, I love Sean Patrick Flanery! I’m also a huge comedy fan, Will Farrell in Step brothers is EPIC!
First Job: Dairy queen
What trait do you like most about yourself? I am very diligent : )
What traits do you dislike most about yourself? I can be selfish at times…
So tell us, what is your best physical feature? And why do you love it so much? My eyes because their the first thing people look at when talking face to face.
What do you feel makes you a great model? I feel that my look is unique and I always bring my “A” game while on set. I am always open minded and bubbly, I mean, what girl doesn’t like to dress up and have their hair and makeup done?? 😉
What body part (s) do you find sexiest in a man? Ok, now were getting into deep secrets (hahahaha)…my secret absolute attraction is ANKLES!!! (weird, I know) eyes, arms, and chest.
What is the coolest modeling event or photo shoot that you have done so far? Modeling has opened doors for me I never thought I would be able to open. I have participated in music videos from amateur artists to celebrity artists such as Enrique Iglesias.I love doing music video shoots, they’re so much fun and not as serious as a photo shoot. 😉
What got you into modeling and how long have you been modeling so far? I have been modeling since November 2008, I got into modeling by asking a friend of a friend who had former modeling experience how I could get started. She then referred me to a model web site, I joined and found the perfect photographer for my very first photo shoot. 😀
What is the hardest thing about being a model? The schedule. At times I can have so many books it can be mentally and physically draining.
What kind of music gets you in the mood the strike some hot poises? I am a huge Freestyle junkie! If its an out door more of an energy type shoot that’s what Id like to rock out a hot shoot to. For a sexy feel shoot I’d more than likely listen to MARIAH CAREY! <3
How do you come up with different poses and looks? When I first started modeling I would watch models on set or look at pictures of models online and get a feel for what I should do. I took in any model tips I could from TV shows such as Tyra Banks, Americas Next Top Model and used them to my advantage. I used my mirror to pose in and practiced what position my body physically looked best in then when I went to my shoots I would do the same poses I had previously practiced.
When you go out to party what is your favorite kind of outfit to wear? A hot pair of jeans, cute shirt , sexy heels and of course accessories!! 😀 <3
What is your favorite night club? why? I love Mansion, and all the Sobe clubs because its more of a crazy drunken good time time on South Beach. (LOL) But I live close to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino so I enjoy Passion a lot which is more chill but can still get a little wild.
Do you approach Men that you like or do you let them come to you? I’d prefer them to approach me. 😉
Besides modeling, what skills or hobbies do you have? I can dust and lift fingerprints(sshhhh) 😉 Hobbies…I enjoy working out, and shopping can be a hobby right???
Where can someone find you if they are looking to book you or keep up with you? I can be found on Model Mayhem, Myspace, and Twitter.
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Do you have any shout outs or last words? Thank you Jesse and J2 you both rock! Thank you to all my followers, friends and family that support me. :) I love you all!!!! XoXo<3

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